Sunday, March 19, 2017

Life gets busy

I made a friend.  She is someone who went to middle school with my husband.  She is sweet and kind and funny and thoughtful.  She had a baby a year and five days ago.

She is currently in law school and had her mother watching the baby.  Due to some health issues, her mother could not watch the baby.  Which left my friend in quite a pickle because she needed someone to watch the baby.

So now I am playing with a year old two to three times a week.  It is delightful and exhausting.  I am getting middle aged and babies require more energy than my five year old and ten year old combined.

Did I tell you Kidlet is making dinner on Saturdays now?  Because specialization is for insects.

And this baby is loud and funny and chubby and fun.  And her name has my name in it, so we are cosmically linked.  But it is very tiring.

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