Thursday, June 04, 2015

Making New Friends

As I grow older, I find it harder to make new friends.

It is not them as much as it is me.

For example:   I have a neighbor who wants to be my friend.  I had read on Facebook that she was going to suck up to me so I would give her free vegetables from my garden. I found this odd, because if you know me and ask me for something, I most likely would give it to you.

My neighbor would invite me to tea during the week at around the same time, 1:30-2:00.  Never on the weekends.  That is all well and good but I had to pick up my oldest from school at that time.  After the fourth declined invitation, she messaged me, "Wow!  Do you do that every day?"  Shockingly, yes I do pick my child up from school every day!

She also is worried about every loose dog she sees.  One time Lola got out and she put it on Facebook on three different message boards.  Lola came back after ten minutes.

Later, I was at a yard sale in my neighborhood and she was there.  Another woman had left her dog in the car.  The woman was older, the car was in the shade with the windows open and the dog had a bowl of water on the floorboard.  My neighbor was very upset about this poor dog and insisted on letting the dog out.  Then she cornered me in a conversation.  My kids were with me and they had wandered away from me.

I excused myself to check on my children and she made a comment about my being a helicopter parent.

Anyone who knows me IRL knows I am not a hoverer.  However, this was a house crammed full of 50+ years of old lady crap and my youngest has been known to make unwise choices.  I made a joke about needing a drone and went looking for my kids.  Chuy, my sly three year old was playing with an ice bucket she had found.  What was in the ice bucket?  About seven steak knives.

I find it strange that she was so concerned about the dog she did not know but was unsympathetic to my wanting to make sure my kids did not destroy something or hurt themselves.

But I got a lovely Jello mold from the yard sale so that made me happy.

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Anonymous said...

I am behind on reading your blog posts, and I just read this one. Strange, strange lady neighbor. I would maybe not drink her tea after all. Just in case! -Missy