Thursday, September 04, 2014

Shitty Neighbors

At the beginning of the year, my next door neighbor got a dog.

By got a dog I mean he found a stray and took it in.

And by took it in, I mean the dog has not been to the vet.

It looks like a pit bull and is an aggressive little shit who kept getting into my back yard to assault my dog.  I talked to the neighbor repeatedly about this and have even gone as far as getting a lead for the dog.

This morning, the dog was in my car port and scared me and my daughter while were getting out of the car,  He was aggressive and had all the hair on the back of his neck up.  I carried Chuy inside the house.

I was so upset by this, I called the owner of the house to get the number of the tenant.  I called the tenant to tell him what was going on.  He made some noises about how the dog has been jumping the fence and what not and he would take care of it.

During that time, the dog bit a jogger.  I called the tenant again to let him know that the dog had bitten someone, the police and animal control were on their way.  He was cursing so I hung up.  I left to pick up kidlet and take her to the dentist.

Yohboh talked to the neighbor and I have spoken to the woman who got bit.  Animal control has a record of this case and hopefully the dog will be gone.


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