Monday, September 02, 2013

Big Scare

Yesterday afternoon it was raining.

I was tired and Chuy was tired so I thought it would a good time to take a nap.  But I had this idea we could nap together.  Since we have transitioned Chuy to her bed, she has a hard time sleeping elsewhere, excluding her carseat.

So I put on My Neighbor Totoro so Chuy can watch it and hopefully fall asleep.

When kidlet was younger than Chuy, I was very sick and put this movie on and Kidlet watched it three times in a row and I got to nap for three hours.  I was hoping that it could hold her interest for at least one viewing and I could grab a quick nap.

The rainy afternoon got to me and Chuy seemed interested enough in the film so I drifted off.

Only to be awakened by me second child who had climbed on top of the head board and decided to dive bomb on her sleeping mother.  It jolted me awake and scared me so bad I peed myself.

So I guess Totoro did not keep her interest.

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