Monday, October 31, 2011

Random Mommy Thought

I like to use a travel blow dryer on the cool setting for a baby's diaper area. It prevents diaper rash and makes a baby lift up their legs to get all their fat folds dry.

I did it with kidlet and Chupa.

Happy Halloween

Picture 264

Picture 268


This year we have had FOUR different insurances. So I have NEVER met a deductible during this pregnancy. So that means that my falling in the yard, gall stones, gestational diabetes and pre pre eclampsia were all separate insurances.

And the cost of my C section was almost $20,000.

But that was not applied to my 400 deductible.



Writing is not just putting words out there. It is digesting life and letting it marinate in our soul and brain and writing things that make people who never thought about your life to stop, read and contemplate.

And cry.

An amazing eulogy from a sister to a brother.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


When Chupa first came out of my body, she did not cry like kidlet did. She took a huge poop. Then I asked out loud," Is she gonna cry?"

Then she did, after she pooped.

Statements of a four year old

Mommy, Chupa is BORING. She does not do ANYTHING!

I can't wait for halloween. Can it be halloween everyday?

Mommy, ice cream and pie are really good. Can I have it for breakfast?

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Seriously how long will it take for me to feel like myself?

History of Rap 3

Friday, October 28, 2011


Picture 260

Chupa has all the alertness for the family. She has turned us into drooling idiots. The power of infants!


Sleep deprivation makes everyone grumpy.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sleepy Family

Picture 254

Newborns make families tired.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Chupa puked again a few hours after I posted the last entry.

Did not really sleep last night. Somehow got the kidlet off to school.


Yohboh is too.

Parenting newborns is tiring.

Tired Rationale

Chupa just puked on me. I shfvitzed with a wet washcloth. I would shower but I am going to go to sleep.

Besides, she may puke on me again.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things I like

Being a mother the second time around is interesting. There is very little that we have gotten Chupa other than diapers and wipes. But wonderful people buy you things and some are very useful.

Swaddle me is very useful. Because Chupa keeps breaking out of the burrito wraps.

Baby legs are also awesome. I like the candy corn ones.

Silly Faces

Picture 247

Monday, October 24, 2011


Chupa let me eat dinner. She also gave me a half smile this morning.

Things you forget

Lola does not like a baby crying. She comes and finds me and give me this look of alarm like, "That little thing is making a lot of noise. MAKE IT STOP."

This was typed one handed because I am nursing.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chupa in action

Chupa does not do much but sleep. So here is Chupa sleeping.

Picture 245


I explained to kidlet that she was Satski and Chupa is Mei. Kidlet cried and said she wanted to be Mei.

Picture 238

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Healing is Slow

I am still healing. It is tiring and makes me grumpy that I cannot take care of my family the way I want to.

Healing is slow work.

Friday, October 21, 2011

IPAD sadness

Kidlet had to say bye bye to the Ipad. She cried because she loved Ipad.

My kids

Picture 226

Picture 232

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chupa's Birth Story Part Four - Going Home

Everyday that I was in the hospital, the good doctor came to visit me. Except for Thursday. The idiot midwife came and asked if I wanted to go home. I said yes. She had to call and check with the good doctor and then she would let me know.

By Thursday, I was ready to go home. Yohboh was more than ready to go home. The kidlet was acting out because her schedule was so fucked. The SMELL of the hospital was really getting to me. Hospitals smell like disinfectant and illness.

The idiot midwife came by in the morning, around ten AM. The idiot midwife never called to let the nurses know. I started asking Nice Nurse Helen if I could go home around three. Nurse Helen had to call the good doctor at home to find out what the idiot midwife failed to do. The good doctor said it was okay to go home.

Nurse Nancy had to take my wound drain out. She got it out without it hurting. So I liked that. It was very gross to have a little balloon collecting bloody fluid out of my body. Also, it was a pain in the ass to remember to bring it to me when I got out of bed. I ended up tucking it into my unsexy mesh panties when I went for a walk.

One complaint I have about yohboh's hospital is that they did not give me a large insulated cup. Nursing requires a large amount of water. I had brought my own insulated cup and drank exclusively from that.

Nurse Nancy was very kind and gave us a few extras. She also gave me a hug when I left.

So we packed up all of our gear and the placenta and went home. We dropped off my scrips and I nursed. Yohboh went to get my meds and a Whopper because I NEEDED CALORIES.

Kidlet stayed at Gaga's house that first night we came home.

And the lack of sleep started.


Instead of first, second and third, Kidlet says oneth, twoth, and threeth.

Kidlet says that your lips are chipped as opposed to chapped.

Mommy, Chupa likes your booby milk.

Mommy, it is hard for me to calm down. I have to cry now.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am a book snob

I can't read the whole Twilight series without getting frustrated at the poor writing.

The Mockingjay series was much better.

I really liked Blood Bones and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton. Very well written.

My girls, sleeping

Picture 224

Chupa's patterns

It is funny how babies evolve.

For the past five days, Chupa has pooped non stop during the eleven o'clock news until 12:30. Six diapers worth on average. I would wait and change it after a couple of poops but Chupa only likes to poop on a clean diaper. So I delay the poop session if I don't change it quickly.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chupa and Daddy

Picture 217

Yep, this is the father of my children.

Blueberry Muffin

Picture 209

I made blueberry muffins and kidlet ate three. I ate one and yohboh ate two.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Doctor's Visit

Chupa went to the doctor. She gained a pound and grew an inch.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The cutest thing

The cutest thing that newborns do is make little adult like faces. SO FREAKIN CUTE!

Kidlet, Jersefied

Picture 192

Kidlet found Chupa's headband and of course had to wear it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chupa's Birth Story Part Three the aftermath

The following morning, I was moved from Labor and Delivery Seven to room 222. I was also given some more Toredol. The hospital was very busy. There were ten babies there at that point. Yohboh and I conceived Chupa the week of the snowstorm. Me thinks many other couples have conceived babies that week.

Yohboh's friend W.'s wife came by. S. brought some cute baby girl things and diapers. I was trying to have a conversation with her when I passed out halfway through a sentence. S. left pretty soon after that. Yohboh said S. looked like she was glad she never had a C section.

In room 222, I was introduced to Nurse Helen. Nurse Helen was a lovely lady but she reminded me of my late grandmother in law. As in, she was small boned. I did not want to lean on her because I am afraid I will break her. But she was very kind and helpful.

The first day was a big blur. I do remember that I got to eat. Cheese grits are damn tasty. In retrospect, I must have been very hungry to really like hospital grits. I think during the big blur included the removal of the catheter and removal of the bandages covering my impressive incision.

The main thing I remember is that I actively dislike the night nurse. Her name is Dorothy. I asked her for Benadryl to stop the itching that I have from the pain meds. She said no but if I want Ambien I could have it (???). I said I did not need some Ambien but I was really itchy and could I get something for the itching. She said she could not get me Benadryl but something else for the itching. I told her I did not care what the drug was but I wanted something for the itching. She ended up giving me Benadryl.

Later, I asked for my pain meds and she said I could not have them yet. Minjenah in pain is a bitch. I will admit it. I am not my best after two major surgeries and in pain. So I told Dorothy to get my pain meds NOW and she said, "Be patient." I said something like FUCK patience and I AM IN PAIN. She gave me my meds after that.

Chupa hung out with me and took some boob. But I was not making that much stuff, just colustrum. But nursing comes very easy. The seventeen months I did it with kidlet came back fairly quickly.

Elrod and his long limbed wife came by as well as some of yohboh's co-workers. But honestly, I am just exhausted.

Durty Baby Whisperer

Picture 204

DBW strikes again.

Life with a newborn

Life with a newborn is about need. A newborn has so much need. They are so helpless. And so tiny.

The lack of sleep is the hardest part. It is like getting sips of sleep when you just want to chug. The lack of sleep makes it hard to heal quickly.

I am trying really hard to enjoy it because this is the last time I will hold my own newborn. But the exhaustion sets in and all I want to do is sleep.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I got the staples taken out today. It really hurt.

I am not having any more children. My body could not take another one.


Picture 199

Kidlet teaching Chupa the finer points of IPAD.

The Cassanova of Pre K

Kidlet: I told Finn I wanted to marry him.

Minjenah: You did? What did he say?

Kidlet: He wanted to wait until he got older. And that he would think about it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Picture 201

Days of our PreK

Kidlet: Mommy, I want to marry Finn.

Minjenah: Does Finn want to marry you?

Kidlet: No, Finn wants to marry Naietza.

Minjenah: Do you like Naietza?

Kidlet: Yes! She is really nice. She opens my Hello Kitty marshmallows.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Picture 196

My daughters' hands.

Lizard Butt

My skin on my butt is peeling off. Yeah, that was oversharing.


This first thing kidlet asked this morning was, "Where is Chupa?"

Chupa's Birth Story part Two -- My second surgery

My parents came by and coo at Chupa. They left before it got dark because they do not drive when it is dark. I do that too but that is because I really do not see very well.

I was STARVING and would like to eat. The good doctor was so kind that she actually brought me my food which is jello and apple juice.

I complain about the pain and the nurse Cindee gives me Toradol, which is awesome. Very effective at pain management.

Yohboh, Mil, kidlet and Durty decided to go to dinner.

Thelma, my new nurse, noticed that the left side of my incision was not closing. I would not stop bleeding. I was freezing as well. I bled through six sheets and blankets. There was a huge bevy of nurses who are running tests, taking blood, taking blood pressure and looking at my incision. That was very painful so I did a double dose of morphine from the pain box. The kidlet was there for the bevy of activity and I have never seen her look so scared. I told her I would be okay and there was nothing to worry about. But she cried on the way home and all night. I feel very badly about that.

The good doctor told me that the left side of my incision was not closed and they were concerned. She gave me the option of staying for observation but she was leaning towards another surgery. I knew that if I was feeling this amount of pain with the pain box that something was wrong. And that I would like to be in recovery once. So we agreed to cut me open again. I called yohboh while he was at dinner to tell him so.

This time, I was wheeled down to the basement where the real surgeries are done. I was given another spinal. Dr Boosier was my guy. I was crying and in agony when he put in the spinal. Why? Because I had to sit up, arch my back so he could put the needle in. Well my gut had been cut open and I could feel the blood oozing on my legs and Dr Boosier kept asking me to arch my back. It was more pain than I could bear and I was crying. I think I cursed at him but I am unsure. If I had not eaten, I could have had general anesthesia as opposed to spinal. Stupid Jello.

While I am being prepped, yohboh came in. He gave me a kiss. He was really not allowed there but there are advantages to having your husband working in the hospital you deliver in. So then they put the drape on, and I literally passed out. I think I passed out because I was not completely over the first spinal and I had given myself extra morphine not to mention the Toradol. After surgery, I was wheeled into recovery where I was really cold. Like 91 degrees cold. I lost an appalling amount of blood, about a pint and a half so they pushed a lot of fluids which were nice and warm. The nice nurse from Sweden also piled on the blankets. She tried to talk to me but honestly, I was bone tired so I slept. I was in recovery for a few hours.

The good doctor told yohboh about what had happened. There was a huge blood clot on the left side of my incision. So they had to open up my incision more and dig it out. It was the size of a tennis ball. I had a LOT of bruising on my left side of the incision as well as where they ripped Chupa out. I also have bruises in my belly button. I also have a LOT of staples at my incision as well. There was also a grenade sized balloon attached to me. It was called a wound drain. It was draining out blood out from me.

I was wheeled back into Labor and Recovery Room seven where Thelma checked on me every hour on the hour. My blood pressure was checked hourly as well as blood samples were take hourly. I also had to wear these pressure boots on my feet and calves so that I would not have another blood clot. Thelma also took Chupa away because I was too weak and drugged to care for Chupa.

I pass out fairly quickly from the busy day.

And all the drugs.

Chupa Poops

Chupa has just pooped six times. I used seven diapers for six poops. There was a trick pee as well.

Chupa Jersified

Someone gave Chupa a headband. They apparently are all the rage in Jersey.

Picture 189

Chupa works it.

Big Sister

Mommy being a big sister is hard work.
Picture 180

Picture 188

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bad TV

So the TV season started and I am watching some new TV.

These are the shows I think that suck

Charlie's Angels - Minka Kelly is lovely. I can totally see what Derek Jeter saw in her. Other than that, this show is poorly developed and the characters are completely static. And there is no camp factor, it takes itself too seriously.

Playboy Club - In the pilot a bunny kills a mob boss with her stiletto. That was the most clever thing in the whole show.

Pan Am - This show takes place when aviation was GLAMOUROUS. Aviation is now a bus in the sky. Yeah, the leap is too much. Having worked in the aviation industry, I have to say this show is BS.

Ringer- Honestly, I cannot watch this show. I love love love Sarah Michelle Gellar but this show makes me sleepy.

Progress ON MY BOOBS!

Yesterday was the first day I did not supplement with formula. So now I have a 100 percent breast fed baby.

Tired, hurt and neglected

I was crying hysterically this afternoon.

Being tired and hurt is hard.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Chupa's Birth Story Part One --The C section

My MIL had to drive me to the hospital at 11 AM for my 2 PM C Section. For some reason, I was not allowed to drive. I was told not to drink anything after 6 AM.

Considering the fact that my veins were blown out by dehydration last time, I ignored this advice by having small sips of water until about ten AM.

We checked in at the ER registration. We were led into labor and delivery where we met a nurse who English is not her first language who sets me up in a room that is not the right room. She eventually put me in Labor and Delivery room Seven. My Labor and Delivery nurse Cindee who is originally from Boston told me that I have been having contractions. I did not feel them at all. Cindee did my IV and there are no problems even though I warn her that I had huge problems last time. Then we sat and waited until 2PM. My MIL has to leave to pick up the kidlet from school.

I walked over to the OR room and Dr Honda gave me my spinal. I was worried about the spinal since it went so badly with the kidlet. This was much better. One prick and I was done. So I was all numbed and ready to go. The good doctor and her idiot midwife showed up to get Chupa. Yohboh was allowed in and gave me kisses. Chupa is well wedged in me. I heard a lot of grunting and I felt a lot of tugging. At one point, I heard a very loud POP which I was concerned was my pelvis. It actually was the vacuum that they used unsuccessfully to get Chupa out. Eventually, the good doctor and the idiot midwife get Chupa out with some forceps. They left a terrific bruise on Chupa's skull.

I was told later that the good doctor thought that I was one of her top ten hardest deliveries. Part of me really wanted to be number one, BECAUSE I AM COMPETITIVE ABOUT DUMB SHIT.

So I was wheeled out and yohboh went with Chupa to make sure she is all good. I was given the morphine box and I was not shy about using it. The left side of my incision was particularly painful. My MIL and the kidlet were there. We were a happy little family.

Later, Durty showed up. I was on morphine and told everyone how much I love Durty and that if anyone knows any single ladies, HE NEEDS TO GET HOOKED UP.

Sunday, October 09, 2011


Kidlet is acting out.

Kidlet is jealous.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

His Girls

Picture 173

Friday, October 07, 2011

My family

Picture 170

Big Sister and Little Sister

Picture 169

Yeah, this makes me cry.

Meet Chupa

Picture 161

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Happy Poop

I took TWO poops on my own! HOOO RAH!

Word to the Wise

If someone is asking for their pain meds, FUCKING GIVE THEM !

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Yohboh is awesome

Yohboh got a new dishwasher and installed it himself.

Love him!

Hot Showers

I take three hot showers a day. Because it helps with my back.

Gonna have a baby

This is my belly full of El Chupacabra. Her real name is Sabrina.

Picture 154

Is that joy on my face or what?

To give you a frame of reference: This is what I looked like last time.

Meet little M

Picture 152

Lola liked her.

Saturday, October 01, 2011


Picture 147

Mommy, C is better than I PAD.