Thursday, June 02, 2011

Funny Tidbits

1) So when we went to see Patti Lupone, I got the dates messed up and though we were going on Friday but actually we were going on Saturday. On the way down to the symphony on Friday, I saw a homeless man sleeping in a doorway of the church. He had low rise pants on and his back was to the street. I saw his huge pimply ass in all its glory. I laughed hysterically. Yohboh wanted to know what was funny and I told him. The next day, the day we were SUPPOSED to go to the symphony, I pointed out where I saw the homeless guy's pimply ass. And GUESS WHAT? He was there sleeping with his butt hanging out again. Yohboh saw it too and we both were laughing.

2) At the baseball game, I had to pee (go figure- I am five months pregnant) and was in line at the port a potty. I hate port a potties to give you an idea of how badly I needed to pee. And this former frat boy CUT in front of me! So I yelled, "I know you did not cut in front of a PREGNANT woman asshole!" and he apologized and called me ma'am.

3) The line was too long at the port a potty so later I peed between two large trucks. In a squat. With yohboh and Durty standing sentry.

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