Thursday, May 05, 2011

My left foot the update

Well it is less swollen and a lot more purple.


Yes I should have lotioned before I put this up but I did not. NO JUDGING! I AM GIMPY!


KP said...

How in the world did that happen?! Did you twist it trying to get to Lola? Did she fall on your feet? How does one get bruising right under one's entire row of toes? Ouchies!!!

Minjenah said...


My right foot fell in a hole that Lola dug. My mind quickly assessed the situation and told me to jump onto my left foot, which I did. And my left foot fell into a hole, I am unsure if it was the same hole or a different one. So my righ foot is minorly injured and my left foot looks like it was in Foot Fight Club.