Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fear of Fans

I have written in detail about Lola's fear of fans. For those of you who do not know, my dog is terrified of fans. When we first got her from the pound, she would look fearfully at the fan. She was too scared to bark.

It is unusually hot here in the Deep South. Yesterday, I turned on the AC. Being the cheap ass I am, I keep the AC at 78 degrees and I turn on box fans to get the air circulating. In fact, yesterday I went and got two more fans to improve the circulation.

Yohboh placed one at the end of the hallway which has really improved the temperature throughout the house. The fan that yohboh placed is one that Ava liked to play with when she was younger. As a result there are some plastic utensils in there. When the fan is upright, the plastic is at the bottom so it does not affect the fan. However, when placed on its side, it tends to make an awful rattling noise.

The fan was placed in front of Lola's water bowl. Lola tentatively went to drink and knocked over the fan. And the fan made its loud racket. Lola ran as fast as she could into my bedroom. She hid under the bed. She has not drank any water since.

I have moved the fan so she can drink water.

See people? I can be nice to the evil canine mastermind.

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