Monday, May 02, 2011


So a few weeks ago, I had to sign Ava up for PreK. Actually, I had to sign up Ava for the lottery for Pre K. There were 20 slots and over a hundred applicants.

While I was leaving from signing up, I saw some third or fourth graders lining up outside from the trailer that they were in. It looked like they were going to the library since each one was holding a library book. There was a little boy at the front of the line and a heavyset larger girl were at the front of the line. The girl took her library book and HIT the little boy in the head. I heard the THWACK and stopped walking because I was shocked. The little boy turned around and punched the heavy girl in the gut. Then the big girl kicked him in the nuts. During this whole time, there was not an adult found. I stood and waited to see the adult who was supervising them to tell him or her. I waited about five minutes while these two children were grappling each other. The other children had formed a circle around them.

I had to leave because I had to pick Ava up from her preschool. I never found the teacher to tell him or her.

Ava did not get into the PreK program. I was relieved.

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