Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have a DVR and sometimes I like to watch a block of shows at once. I do that for Law and Order SVU. I am not always in the mood to watch that show but when I do, I watch a few at a time. The other night, I watched FIVE episodes before I went to bed.

Obviously, I had an SVU dream.

This is what was in my dream:

This little gay boy dies on an airplane with a HUGE rock hard erection. Turns out he was smuggling aphrodisiac dried mushrooms up his ass and the bag broke. So it takes the SVU team a while to figure out that there are these twinks who travel with these giant bags of mushrooms up their butts. Apparently, it was the new trendy gay drug. So Elliot and Stabler figure out who is responsible and get her (this was the HUGE plot twist-it was a woman victimizing the twinks) arrested but not before this one twink who the cops had interviewed had shoved a three month shipment up his ass. Elliott gets to him and the little twink is hallucinating so Elliot takes a glove and gets the mushrooms out and saves the twink. But the twink is all confused because no one has ever touched him without it being cruel and depraved and becomes fixated on Elliott and when he realizes that Elliott does not love him, the twink kills himself.

I am telling my friend N. this and she says, "NO MORE SVU FOR YOU!"

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