Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The best parents in the world

The best parents in the world are the ones who have never had children. The amount of advice I get from people who have never had children on how to raise my child is AMAZING.

Fucking assholes.

Ava is a happy baby.

Do you see that little finger there? Ava likes to have her hand like that when she sleeps. Is that cute or what?

You know you are a mom when

You know when you are a mom when you are so proud of the fact you caught milk vomit in your hand and you do not realize until THE NEXT DAY that you should probably feel some disgust too.

Minjenah, Supermom

So twice today Ava had spit up and I caught it in my hand. Not once, twice. My mom radar (heretofore with to be known as MOMDAR) is active.

Ava can bat at my nipple while I am sleeping with her. Oversharing, but what is your blog for really?

Also, Nancy came over from book club and mentioned how much Ava looks like yohboh. That made yohboh happy.

Ava looking so bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Ava trying to climb on Daddy mountain.

Ava wearing sunglasses.

Ava sticking her tongue out at more pictures.

Ava looking very distant.

Ava watching TV.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Hey Ma!

What Up?

My dog is interesting.

Daddy love!

Yo yo.

Ava can cuddle now. She is good at reaching things. She can make all these noises with her tongue. How can she be more awesome?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Our Day

Yohboh made a yummy breakfast.

Weaning was attempted.

Yohboh got drunk

I made blueberry muffins from this recipe. Yummy.

Passion Vines going apeshit.

Ava wearing a hat and getting a hug.

Daddy and Ava getting their love on.

Ava plays the piano

My baby got mad skillz.

Monty Python Spanish Inquistion part 2


Monty Python Spanish Inquisition Part 1


Four AM

Ava woke at Four AM because she felt like it.

I was already up.


Harry Potter.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Wonderful KC

KC sent me a nice note and two teethers. KC, I love thee.

Ava has on a monkey onesie. It is an odd thing, don't ask.

Ava can almost sit.

Yohboh and a jug o' beer. Nice Jug, hee hee.

Ava has started playing with her feet.

What is occupying my spare time.

Dear Future Teeth in Ava's Mouth

Dear Future Teeth in Ava's Mouth,

You suck.



Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life is better

Life is better when you only see one grandma a day.

Teething or the seventh circle of hell

Ava started screaming at one last night. Nothing that used to work worked last night. Finally I gave her a cold teether. She fell asleep after gnawing on it.

Do you think that she is teething?

Looking Mellow

Do not mess with me.

Ava interested in Daddy's libation.

Wearing a blue hat. The hat has made a previous appearance.

Jaunty Hat yes??

Twins, if you squint REAAALLLY hard

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday Evening

Hi Everybody!

I hung out with Mommy this afternoon.

We played.

I think Mommy takes a lot of photos of me.

She says it is because I am so cute.

I believe her.

The things I have to endure from my mommy.

It makes me grumpy.

Durty Baby Whisperer came by.

Daddy's friend Frank held me.

I have had enough of everyone! I WANT MY MOMMY!

This is Lola. She does not get enough love lately.

Mommy was busy eating Tomato Pie.

Megnut, I love thee

Meg Hourihan wrote a great post about eating while pregnant.

I avoided a lot of the foods I would have eaten normally. This included runny eggs, rare beef and sushi. I also avoided deli meats unless I microwaved them until they were crispy (good for bacon, not so much on turkey). I gave up coffee and all caffeinated beverages as well because I did not want to stunt the growth of my baby.

Eggs suck unless they are runny.

Ollie Kottke is a cutie.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


So Yohboh gives Ava a bath. After the drying period, he is giving her smoochies. Then he bites her bottom. Not maliciously, more like a loving gesture. She hated it and screamed her head off.

Lesson learned Ava. We will never bite your bottom again.

Hey Y'all.

I want to start some mischief.

I changed my mind. I am quite innocent.

Just a happy Ava.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Beer on Stick

I wish I came up with this!

Zsa Zsa makes an appearance

Ava, just chillin.

I do not think you are ready for my cuteness.


Introducing Zsa Zsa.

Daddy and Ava. Daddy's ears look unusual.