Monday, April 30, 2007

Ava Dines

Ava on the dining room table, looking at the light above said table wearing Grandma's hemotite necklace.


One of yohboh's classmates asked if yohboh and I would like to go to a Braves games when they play the Cubs. I responded that there would be no baseball in my future with yohboh.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Twins again

Daddy has succumbed to Ava's adorable clutches of her superpower of sleeping!

Debutante Ava

Stinky's friend NiKohhhhl (this is how I say it, HI NIKOHHHL) sent us this dress. Ava looks like a little debutante in it.

The Cosby Show

At night, when I am doing Ava's last feeding I normally watch the late local news. Lately, I find the news too disturbing and I have had trouble sleeping because of all the bad things out there that I need to protect my child from. Nick at Nite (why to people spell night this way?) runs the Cosby Show. It is truly cutting edge, even now. There is an appreciation for the hispanic community as well as jazz and a respect for the family dynamic and education. I sleep much better watching the Cosby Show then I ever did watching the news.

My Dog is a Jedi - Clip Scene

This made me laugh so hard I almost tee teed.....

Milestones before I forget

Ava can lift her head 45 degrees.

Her head strength is better. I do not worry (as much) that her head is going to flop off.

Her eyes follow you as you move around.

She coos and we have conversations that go like this:
Minjenah: Is mommy changing your didi?
Ava: Unnnnnnh
Minjenah: Is mommy changing your shirt?
Ava: Aaaaaah
Minjenah: Do you think Alberto Gonzalez will be forced to resign?
Ava: Ooooooooh
Minjenah: Would you like some more booby milk?

Minjenah Childhood Photos

We do not have a scanner so I took pictures of my childhood pictures.

Here are the results.

Growing Baby

Ava has outgrown her 3-6 month clothes.

At ten weeks six days old.

From here on out, she will be wearing five outfits a day so I will stop putting clothes away that she never even wears!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ava has another joke

What do you call someone who has everyone catering to their every whim and fancy without ever saying a word?


It's funny because it is true.

Ceiling Fan as Mobile

Ava thinks our ceiling fan is a great big mobile. She can look at it contentedly for long enough for me to take a shower.

unrelated photos

Looking Coy




Thursday, April 26, 2007


Tastespotting. When eating well is not enough.

Doctor's Visit

Ava went to the doctor and got five shots. I had to leave the room because I was afraid I was going to call the nurse a fucking cunt and beat her repeatedly with my purse. I could hear Ava crying in the waiting room. She is 15 pounds and ten ounces and is 24 and 1/4 inches.

As requested

Stinky got her the hat. Ava does not seem to like hats in general, just like stinky.

Bicep Curls with Ava

This is how yohboh keeps fit

Five minutes after the Saddest Face in the World

Obviously, she got what she wanted.

Prepare Yourself

This is the saddest face in the world. Note the pouty lip and big eyes. No one taught Ava this, it is instinct. It makes me give her whatever she wants.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Holy Cow

So Ava is now in size three diapers. These are diapers for 16-28 pounds. Size two are for 12-18 pounds. She just got into the size two recently.

My boobs must make crazy growing milk.


This is Minjenah in 1973

This is my sister in summer 1975.

This is Ava.

Who does Ava most resemeble?

Funny Faces

Her little finger is pointing


Book Club and the Aftermath

I went to book club last night. Ava did not like her milk buffet leaving and let yohboh and grandma know it. She was the fussiest she had ever been. Later, when I returned there was about two hours of nursing. Then she fell asleep reluctantly only to awaken at five am demanding to be fed. She fell asleep until seven when I got to be the feed bag for two hours. That meant in about twelve hours I had my child feeding off me for about five of them. She has been very nurse needy lately.

This is Ava's way of telling me she does not like me leaving her and to take her with me to book club.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pictures taken within 15 seconds of each other

She is grumpy

She is happy

Ants the Adventure

We had ants in the kitchen. It was so unpleasant that yohboh said "oh my god". There is carnage everywhere. The carnage!

Ava feels Daddy's pain.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ava wears her second Easter Dress

This is the Easter Dress she would have worn if the weather had been warmer.

Somehow, I do not think she likes it.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ava is so photogenic with SUNDAY HAIR

She just photographs so well....

Ava has good timing

My parents were due here at two. They are going to buy us lunch and babysit. Ava took a huge dump at 1:30. I was about to change it, thinking gosh how much my mother would love to be here. Well my parents showed up as soon as I finished that thought. Ava is very powerful, she can control when my parents get here.

Ava is so loved

My parents came by to see Ava. I have seen my mother more since I had given birth to my child then I had since I lived with her. My mother is happiest talking to Ava, loving on Ava, or bathing Ava. I have also seen Yohboh's mother more than ever. I do not mind because when you love your kid, you think everyone else would love your kid. And my kid so freaking lovable. I understand now how much my mother must love me.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ava's Adventure

Ava got a new outfit

Ava went to Big Lots

Ava the nature girl

Yohboh would like Ava to be more hippie like.

Witty Repartee

I love old films with smart women. Actresses like Barbara Stanwyck or Mae West.

This is yohboh and I's version of witty repartee:
Minjenah: I had forgotten how much I didn't like my period.
Yohboh: I had forgotten how much I didn't like blood on the toilet and tequila sunrises.

Rail Rodeo

Dad gave Yohboh this hat.

Staring off into space

Friday, April 20, 2007

So her mother's daughter

Ava just sneezed and farted AT THE SAME TIME

Look how much she's changed

This is Ava her first Saturday night at home

This is Ava last night


Well, I got my period. Everything I had read said it would take a while, but I guess not.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Demonic Blender

I bought us a blender from Target. It is from Black and Decker. It is possessed by demons. If it is plugged in, it will periodically turn itself on. For some reason, it only seems to erupt at Yohboh. I was making strawberry margaritas and left it on. Yohboh came in to turn it off while I was getting tequila. I had left the lid off as I was making myself one without the booze. Picture the strawberry stuff everywhere. On the counter, on the floor, on Yohboh, on Ava. I cleaned it up. The blender is demonic and does not like my husband.

More Photos

Ava wears aviators

Ava sits on Daddy

Ava's superpower is the power to render people unconcious. She does this on Mommy.

Ava, Daddy and the Ceiling Fan, unrelated thoughts

Ava loves Daddy. Daddy loves Ava.

What a chubby grin!

This is the dog's archnemesis. If something goes awry, Lola will look at the ceiling fan with an accusatory glare and convey "Somehow I know you are behind this"

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Ava makes this gurgling that sounds a bit like laughter

Talking to herself, like her mommy

Ava now does this cute coo thing, where she talks to herself.
So I was telling Hello Kitty that bow made her head look big.

Mortified at being caught talking to herself.
What? I wasn't doing anything!