Sunday, May 13, 2018

True Love

Chuy let kidlet have her favorite stuffed animal for her field trip to Jekyll Island.

If that is not true love I do not know what it is.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Race in America

Never forget you are not white because someone will always be there to remind you.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Context Clues

Chuy figured out what context clues meant by using context clues.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Glass Ceilings

I never want to break a glass ceiling because then the broken shards of glass will cover the other people on the way up.

How about we skillfully surgically cut them out?

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Mommy I cannot answer your question because I am partially asleep.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

In the last calendar year

Bus Strike
Water Main Break
Snow Days
Football games
Hurricane Days
Bridge Collapses

Monday, March 26, 2018


I miss my little black dog.

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Chuy ate an orange.  I told her to wash her hands after she was done.

Me: Did you wash your hands?
Chuy: Yes
Me: Let me smell your hands.
Chuy:  I used orange scented soap.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Eleven Years Old

Whelp, time goes fast.

Principles of Adult Behavior by John Perry Barlow

1. Be patient. No matter what.
2. Don’t badmouth: Assign responsibility, not blame. Say nothing of another you wouldn’t say to him.
3. Never assume the motives of others are, to them, less noble than yours are to you.
4. Expand your sense of the possible.
5. Don’t trouble yourself with matters you truly cannot change.
6. Expect no more of anyone than you can deliver yourself.
7. Tolerate ambiguity.
8. Laugh at yourself frequently.
9. Concern yourself with what is right rather than who is right.
10. Never forget that, no matter how certain, you might be wrong.
11. Give up blood sports.
12. Remember that your life belongs to others as well. Don’t risk it frivolously.
13. Never lie to anyone for any reason. (Lies of omission are sometimes exempt.)
14. Learn the needs of those around you and respect them.
15. Avoid the pursuit of happiness. Seek to define your mission and pursue that.
16. Reduce your use of the first personal pronoun.
17. Praise at least as often as you disparage.
18. Admit your errors freely and soon.
19. Become less suspicious of joy.
20. Understand humility.
21. Remember that love forgives everything.
22. Foster dignity.
23. Live memorably.
24. Love yourself.
25. Endure.